Early 1990s – 2010
–      Pre-NOCVA era; concerned and committed individuals (later known as NOCVA’s founding members) undertake various efforts and initiatives to unite and organize groups of Chamorros from Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, other Pacific Islanders, and various interested individuals on behalf of the Chamorro people

August 2011
–      Cel Aguigui and Larry Cruz meet with Frank Blas (later known as founding members) and other Chamorro veterans in Fayetteville, NC, about establishing a national-level advocacy organization led by Chamorro veterans

September 2011
–      Founding members establish the National Organization of Chamorro Veterans in America (NOCVA)
–      NOCVA Team (founding members, public relations and media officer, and website developer and IT manager) begins to conduct weekly meetings to develop strategy

October 2011
–      NOCVA meets with Chamorro veterans in Killeen, TX (outreach)

October 2011-January 2012
–      NOCVA Team develops mission and vision statements, formulates organizational structure, designs logo, and creates website

January 2012
–      NOCVA founding members attend roundtable meeting hosted by Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC

  • discuss issues affecting Pacific Islander American veterans
  • meet VA Secretary General Eric Shinseki
  • establish working relationship with VA officials to represent Chamorro veterans

February 2012
–      NC Chamorro veterans start planning first Chamorro Veterans Commemoration Ceremony to be held in Washington, DC
–      NOCVA Team launches website at www.NOCVA.org and creates link to facebook page (National Organization of Chamorro Veterans in America)

February-March 2012
–      NOCVA founding members begin recruiting regional coordinators
–      NOCVA Team assists NC Chamorro veterans by coordinating with National Park Service and other national-level offices to prepare for ceremony

24 March 2012
–      NOCVA sponsors first Chamorro Veterans Commemoration Ceremony at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC, led by NC Chamorro Veterans

April 2012
–      NOCVA Team prepares DVD of Chamorro Veterans Commemoration Ceremony
–      NOCVA Team initiates “Chelu, We Remember You,” Project

May 2012
–      NOCVA Team releases Chamorro Veterans Commemoration Ceremony DVD for distribution

June 2012
–      NOCVA founding members meet with Chamorro veterans in San Diego, CA (outreach)
–      Chamorro veterans in San Diego, CA, post Chamorro Veterans Commemoration Ceremony on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1ppHGYV1dQ
–      NOCVA founding member meets with Chamorro veterans in Washington state (outreach)

July 2012
–      NC Chamorro veterans present memorial bell and plaque during Liberation Day anniversary in Agana, Guam
–      NC Chamorro veterans meet with families of fallen Chamorro heroes as part of NOCVA’s “Chelu, We Remember You” project (Guam)
–      NOCVA receives request from Veterans Affairs to provide input on health issues affecting Chamorro veterans
–      NOCVA Team debuts NOCVA Booth at Guam Club Liberation Day picnic, Alexandria, VA

August 2012
–      NOCVA founding members meet with Chamorro veterans in Sacramento, CA (outreach)
–      Administrative Coordinator joins NOCVA staff

September 2012
–      NOCVA Booth set up at Guam Liberation Day picnic, Virginia Beach
–      Researcher joins NOCVA staff

October 2012
–      NOCVA submits preliminary survey results to Veterans Affairs outlining Chamorro veterans’ health issues/problems

November 2012
–      NOCVA Team posts updated website, to include new information about current and future initiatives and activities