NOCVA Outreach

As a national grassroots advocacy organization, NOCVA is committed to building a network of motivated and organized Chamorro veterans throughout the United States, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) to carry out its mission to serve Chamorro veterans.

During the last year, NOCVA founding members Cel Aguigui, Larry Cruz, and Frank Blas met with several groups of Chamorros in North Carolina, Texas, California, Washington state, and Virginia. They shared their vision of NOCVA and explained their strategy of creating a network of regional coordinators, linked at the national level, to unite and mobilize Chamorro veterans so they can actively participate in initiatives that will benefit them and the Chamorro people.

These outreach efforts are critical to NOCVA’s success; they provide opportunities to explain the purpose of NOCVA to large groups, and they help establish effective working relationships with motivated individuals who want to help with regional-level organizing.

NOCVA’s founding members rely on the assistance of dedicated individuals who want to serve as regional coordinators as well as motivated members who are committed to building strong regional chapters.  These outstanding individuals — with their initiative, enthusiasm, and organizational skills — are essential in helping NOCVA grow into an effective and responsive advocacy organization for Chamorro veterans.

NOCVA Outreach Booth

NOCVA Outreach Booth

Aug 2011
Fayetteville, NC
Frank Blas and Chamorro Veterans
Oct 2011
Killeen, TX
Antonio Blas, Juan Manibusan
June 2012
San Diego, CA
Manuel “Manny” Sablan, Manuel Reyes, and Gene Mendiola
July 2012 
Alexandria, VA

Aug 2012
Sacramento, CA
Tom Charfauros, Joanna Torre, John Payne, John Tenorio
Aug 2012
Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 2012
Washington State
Antonio Leon Guerrero, Roberto “Bob” Maanao, Tony Aguon, Atanacio “Ace” Untalan