Initiatives Overview

NOCVA has undertaken a variety of initiatives to serve Chamorro veterans. Any activity that NOCVA engages in is reviewed at the national office to ensure that it is consistent with fulfilling NOCVA’s mission in the following areas:

Serve as the voice of Chamorro veterans at national-level events, advocating on their behalf to defend their rights, protect their interests, and promote their achievements

Honor the memory and service of Chamorro veterans through commemorative events and initiatives and maintain a website that features information of interest to Chamorro veterans

Prepare informational presentation to Chamorro veterans to explain how the U.S. political process affects them; encourage active participation to leverage political power in order to influence legislation that affects them and the Chamorro people

Establish a network of members throughout the 50 states, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands — connected by regional coordinators and linked nationally — to help share information, effectively organize, and build coalitions with similar groups to build political power

Research & Analysis
Monitor services delivered by government agencies and organizations that serve veterans to ensure that they are meeting the unique needs of Chamorro veterans; monitor current legislation for its impact on Chamorro veterans and develop appropriate responses