What is the Chamorro Veterans Women’s Advisory Group (CVWAG)?

NOCVA values all Chamorro veterans and established a Chamorro Veterans Womens Advisory Group (CVWAG) to ensure that its policies,initiatives, and strategies are fairly administered and take into account the needs and interests of Chamorro women veterans.

How will the CVWAG operate?

The CVWAG will operate in an advisory role to NOCVA’s national coordinators and National Staff, advising them on matters of special interest to Chamorro women veterans. The CVWAG is managed by a senior adviser who is on the NOCVA national staff. The CVWAG’s efforts will be aligned with NOCVA’s mission and goals.

In addition to its advisory role, the CVWAG will be responsible for providing input to the NOCVA website, under a separate CVWAG webpage, for the purpose of distributing information of special interest to Chamorro women veterans and their supporters


What is the purpose of the CVWAG?

  • To serve as a special advisory group to the NOCVA Board of Directors, national coordinators, and national staff  to ensure that NOCVA is responding to the needs and interests of all of its members
  •  To make clear that NOCVA values Chamorro women veterans and encourages their active participation in NOCVA events and activities
  • To create a resource within NOCVA to discuss issues of specific interest to Chamorro women veterans and to develop strategies and initiatives to address them